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  SOFT-CLOSE (Демпферы)
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The unique hinge damping system for furniture doors.
Soft-close gently slows down the movement and the door is pulled to, softly and quietly.
It is comfortable, quiet and suitable for retrofit.

       Elegant design and fascinating technology.
The perfect combination of the Nexis Impresso, Nexis Click-on, Nexis Slide-on, and Snap On 3000 hinge series with Soft-close.

For applications in kitchens, bathrooms or living areas - where you want quiet operation of doors.
Closing a furniture door with Soft-close is something special. Soft-close can always be combined with hinges from the different hinge series- either right from the start or as an upgrade.
Quickly, reliably and completely without tools.
This technology is fascinating and provides a new definition of what closing furniture doors means: the movement is gently cushioned and the furniture door closes itself softly and quietly - the perfect balance of form and function. The number of Soft-close dampers per door depends on its size and weight. Please refer to the recommendations in the tables on the hinge pages. The optional Soft-close damper can be used for almost all hinges in the different hinge series. See also the notes in the hinge descriptions on the product pages. Particularly attractive: Soft-close Mirro for soft-closing glass and mirror doors. Special solutions are available for framed doors in wood and aluminium.
This comprehensive damping concept has been tested by the LGA and TÜV, and offers numerous application options.
For the Click-on and Slide-on series a hinge cup cover cap matching the Soft-close Click-on design for hinges without damper looks stylish and complements the elegant design.

Обзор продукции

Short description

Soft-close Impresso damper
• For many hinges in the Nexis Impresso series
• Fit and remove without tools

Soft-close Click-on damper
• For many hinges in the Nexis Click-on series
• Fit and remove without tools

Soft-close 170° damper
• For Nexis 170° wide-angle hinges
• Fit and remove without tools

Soft-close Mirro damper
• For Mirro glass door and mirror door hinges
• Easy mounting without tools

Soft-close ACC damper
• For framed doors in wood and aluminium
• Easy to fit

Soft-close AL damper
• For framed aluminium doors
• Easy to fit

Soft-close pin
• Air damper
• For drilling in or fitting with adapter plate
• Also suitable for Snap On 3000 hinges

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