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мебельного производства, строительства
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This unique hinge-light system brings life and lifestyle into every furniture.

Light the motion. Every movement will become a parade of light with illuxo. Door movements provide unforgettable lighting effects.

Pleasure and sense have perhaps never
come so close. illuxo not only offers functional
light design but also a unique experience.

Opening a door with illuxo is like drawing back the
stage curtain at a concert. The cones of light cast
by illuxo move like the stage spotlights of your very
own performance, producing unparalleled light effects.
Whether in kitchen, bathroom or living area, light has
long since become an integral part of modern furniture;
it touches your senses and appeals to your feelings.

Areas such as caravan construction or yacht building
also offer a wide range of applications for the hinge
light system illuxo. Light brings furniture to life.
The new illuxo hinge-light system adds a fascinating
facet to your imagination: illuxo offers light design with
moving light.
The design and function of illuxo adapted to the
hinges Nexis Click-on series are a perfect harmony.

illuxo not only looks elegant, it is also easy to use. The
hinge-light system can be quickly and securely combined
with the hinges of the Nexis Click-on series without the
need for tools. In addition to that illuxo can newly be
combined with the unique hinge system for mirror and
glass doors.

illuxo can be fitted immediately or at a later date.
Battery-powered, without the need for wiring and with
integrated switch, your application options are
virtually unlimited. Isn’t it wonderful when functionality,
technology and design combine in an integral
system like illuxo as well as improving the furniture

illuxo redefines the joy of furniture.
And in combination with Soft-close – the matching
hinge-damping system from Grass – illuxo is setting new
standards in premium furniture design.

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